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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I was playing basketball with my wife and her children yesterday, we were going to play 2 on 2. Jamie and Kam, he’s 13, and Larkin and myself. She’s 10. I went up for a lay up, or as my wife said a show off lay up; and came down hard feeling a pop! The worst part I hit the broken cement and landed hard on my hip, I was certain I had broke if not my hip but also ankle. I wanted to scream profanities, but there were small children there and I threw my hat. Which made Kameron laugh, but then I didn’t get up. Hot searing pain shot from the length of my hip well into my foot, I was feeling every ounce of pain. Of course it was my idea to go to the park and play and here I’m apologizing for ruining things and my wife and stepson are trying to help me up more concerned with my well being. My point of this story isn’t that I’m getting old and hurt my more now than when I was a kid it’s that I felt every bit of the pain because I am every bit of sober. I remember a time a broke my ankle and continued drinking, at the end of the night I was even dancing on it. Dumb, complete and utter stupidity because that’s what drinking and Anna combined equate. I’m grateful to be sober today, not super grateful for the pain the wit to not continue to further injure my already injured self.

1.) Clear minded thinking

2.) Loved ones to run to my rescue, thanks Jamie and Kam ❤️

3.) Basketball

4.) Sunshine

5.) Fresh air

6.) Feeling things, good and bad

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my loving and also sober wife

10.) Family

Having people want to be around me and not to just ensure I’m not guzzling vodka is absolutely amazing and something I’ve grown accustomed to thanks to the gift of sobriety, honestly, clear minded thinking, and so many other blessings in my life today. I think I’m going to continue choosing this life.

Yours truly,


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