• Anna

Facing Unhealthy Fears

Does anybody else, besides me, struggle with anxiety? I suppose I’ve always been a worrier, even as a kid. Pacing, getting nervous and games and tests; mainly because of wanting a perfect outcome. There is no perfect outcome or person, things can go splendidly; and that will satisfy a reasonable person. I feared failure, and not your average child but practically make myself ill; wanting to please my father.

1.) Hard work

2.) Dedication

3.) Patience

4.) Acceptance

5.) Unity

6.) Self worth

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne ♥️

9.) Jamie, who is not just my wife, she is my nurse, my support, my everything.

10.) Baby bottoms (especially my nephews) 🥰🥰

It has taken me 37 years to truly understand that if I do and did something well, and I feel good about it. That can be enough, why? Because I am happy, joyous, and free; but most importantly. I am enough. So are you, and if no one has told you they love you today...I love you.

Yours truly,


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