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Enough Is ENOUGH

I overheard a quote today while checking out at my local convenient store, “The are some people where enough, is simply not enough.” This resonated with me, it stopped me dead in my tracks; I felt my pallet dry and my heart pound as if the loud speaker came on, the store silenced, and this individual was speaking directly to me. I am those people, or let me rephrase that, my old habits fight me daily with a vengeance to return to that victim mentality, fear of failure but so much deeper; I have a very high unrealistic expectations I force upon myself. I subconsciously even consciously, am aiming to meet the expectations of others, and I set these in my own mind based on past experiences.

And I know I may repeat myself in my blogs however maybe this is because it needs said and or heard. Or it may be my own selfish way of making up for lost time, minutes, hours, days, even years where I lay stagnant as a comatose zombie, enslaved to that pungent elixir that nearly took my existence. Either way; I am, you are, we have always, been ENOUGH!

1.) Knowing verses wishing

2.) Patience, God grant this to us all

3.) Persistence, used correctly, one of God’s truest gifts

4.) Perseverance

5.) God’s grace

6.) Trust

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, mommy’s favorite human ever

9.) Jamie, my beautiful wife and close 2nd to favorite

10.) Opportunities to change

Knowing you’re enough, being grateful for having enough and to be happy with who and what’s in your life today, and being completely content with this; and if you know you’re not. Do something to better your situation if you know it’s humanly possible and for the better. And of course, if no one has told you they love you today, I love you. ❤️ Yours truly,


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