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Emotional Social Distancing

There’s so much more to each and every individual we encounter, and why they are, the way they are. Our body and mind protect itself but hinder us as social beings and creatures of companionship. It is an inability to identify and describe emotions, social detachment, which comes across as cold, callous, and truly just absent by choice due to unfortunate events had in their life. Unresolved trauma (and yes trauma is real, and is much more than inflicting physical pain on ones body. Traumatized people persistently feel unsafe inside their own bodies; the past remains alive in the form of festering wounds, desecrating the soul. Constantly bombarded by intuitional red flags, one learns to run and hide from not just themselves, it numbs all emotional connections and ties that would have been.  Proficiently, yet precariously ignoring these aprioristic with the deepest desires to numb, detach, and flood every thought and moment to prevent awareness of past and present internal hostilities. Let me just remind you I am not a medical or licensed professional, just an empathetic, understanding woman with a thirst for knowledge and improving the well being of those still sick and suffering. In hopes that bringing awareness to the multifaceted epidemic known as addiction, will help individuals seek proper solutions and their loved ones to better understand them.

1.) Understanding what others are going through

2.) Patience

3.) Awareness

4.) God’s grace

5.) Magical memories

6.) Forgiveness

7.) Unconditional love

8.) My precious daughter, Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my wife of one year and one day. Crazy how time flies

10.) Cleansing cries

Our pasts do NOT define us, there is always a better, easier, softer way; after dealing with the core deep rooted issues that are anything but easy. History never has to repeat ourselves, and sometimes it’s ok for the apple to not fall far from the tree. And other times, it’s more than ok to not resemble or be near that tree, and you do NOT have to feel bad or guilty about that. And if no one has told you they love you today, I love you.

Yours truly,


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