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The company you keep is a reflection of self; we attract what we send out to the universe. The type of people you surround yourself with speaks of your values and what you stand for. We have all heard of the concept of being guilty by association, the act of people associating your behaviors and thoughts with the people you hang out with. If one of your friends acts in a negative way, you will be lumped in with him or her. Despite if this is true or not, it is all based on perception. Regardless if you believe yourself to be an altruistic person, a time may come when your bad company starts to influence your good behavior. I remember in high school, my mom would preach this message and when I would hang out with a certain girl she always checked my eyes, scent (to see it I smelled like weed, which 9 times out of 10 I did and later on alcohol), and the exact whereabouts and time frame I was gone. “That’s not fair, you’re so judgmental” I would say, when in all reality this was the “friend”, and I use that term lightly looking back, who introduced me to smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Now I’m not blaming or saying she forced me to do these things, however I am saying people are easily influenced and especially grade school. Nevertheless, at any age we can be easily influenced by those we surround ourselves with, either to fit in or because we “trust” those ones and unfortunately the negative is far more impactful than positive for some reason. This is why once you’ve made the decision to be substance free, it is absolutely imperative to change your crowd, and you will soon realize who truly is a friend. There are 3 types of people, which once the fog lifts and the willingness is there will be simple to identify. Supportive, neutral, and destructive; 1 and 3 are self explanatory, where neutral may seem like they don’t care. However either they are just completely clueless about addiction or they are genuinely healthy productive people and are simply consumed with their own family, work, and happiness. I strongly suggest moving forward to view relationships like investments; invest in you, your happiness, your success, and your future.

1.) Knowing your worth

2.) Authenticity

3.) True friends who only want you happy and healthy

4.) That podcast we did tonight that was amazing and unfortunately sounded like we recorded underwater; still a great conversation ❤️

5.) Continuous growth

6.) God’s grace

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, my heart

9.) Jamie, my soul and beautiful wife

10.) That bad Chinese restaurant

Without number 10, I wouldn’t have met the 3 people I sit with right now. Jamie my wife, Corey my best friend/collaborator and his gf Marney who is also my friend and part of 217recovery. All who I’m blessed to spend today with and many more days like it. Have a blessed night. Yours truly,


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