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I've had this swirling around my mind for a bit now. Slowly organizing into a completely communicable thought. This is how I view what communication is and means to me today:

Communication has three distinct parts, mirroring the image we've been created in.

Intention = Soul, mind, consciousness

Verbal/body language = Body, flesh, ego.

Energetic = Vibrational, spirit, telepathy

When what a person is communicating to you lines up in all three of these truths your mind, body, & spirit will tune in to it and feel the sincerity in all three ways. There's a peace that can pass understanding when communicating in this way. Even if what is being communicated isn't pleasant, there will be a resonance of alignment.

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said" -Peter Drucker

When a communication includes a deception, this alignment will not exist within it or yourself. The construct of your mind, body & spirit is many things as well as a tuning fork for love and truth. When a being is communicating with you but it doesn't "feel right", there's something off with the alignment of the intention of what they're saying to you.

When you feel this unrest, in what can sometimes be pleasant words, your tuning fork is warning you that this person isn't working within a loving or truthful intention.

We have been taught most of our lives to ignore our tuning forks because it benefitted someone in some way in our past. We were reprogrammed to ignore our tuning forks in the name of "trust".

It's time to align with how we were meant to function. It's time to re-reprogram ourselves into our original purpose and design. It's time to trust in the system we were given by the Creator so we can navigate the reality we're experiencing.

"It's time to re-reprogram ourselves into our original purpose and design."

We have ears and vocal cords to communicate physically, as well as body language. But communication starts in your mind. My perspective through my spiritual journey and walk through a life of recovery has taught me these things: We're told in the beginning we were created in the image of the Creator. A Mind, Body, and Spirit Trinity. As I progress in my recovery from my old way of life, I've discovered that we can apply this model in many other places in our realities. Possibly everything, I'll keep you posted.

I would like to add a disclaimer that this isn't going to resonate with everyone. There are factors out there that somewhat muddy the water. Like, where you are along your recovery journey, the presence of mental health challenges, etc. But I hope that my perspective finds you with a purpose. The things I've included in this publication have helped me connect with people, protect myself, and most importantly..Stay sober through communication breakdowns that would have led me in the wrong direction in the past.

Thank you for reading.

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