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Choices, Hobbies, and Love; Oh My!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Doing something you truly enjoy just for one’s satisfaction; where peace and solace is found to calm or reprieve your mind. Ignoramus may call this hobby or “craft”, if you will; silly, dumb, boring, or pointless...who honestly cares? Why allow something or things that bring happiness and serenity be tainted by the judgement of close minded thinking. That’s giving your power and your pen to your story willingly to others.

I used to enjoy doing things, simply for me. Not to impress anyone, or hear about how wonderful or ridiculous my self chosen activity or talent is. Then, I, (for some reason), had this unattainable desire, almost as if driven from an outside force, (the devil), to please others. Maybe I always did (subconsciously), and it only intensified the more complacent and discontent I grew without the approval of others I wasn’t getting. This later turned into these negative thoughts and feelings with myself; Instead of focusing on everything I received and had good in my life, from hard work and those that loved me without conditions. I held onto that obsession, like a vice grip latched and locked, eventually turning over that obsession to the dependent devil in liquid form. Alcohol.

1.) Freedom from that obsession

2.) Laughter

3.) Knowing my struggles and pain were not in vain

4.) The ability to educate others

5.) Helping others

6.) No being a full sentence

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne 💞💞

9.) My wife ❤️❤️

10.) My mother, the woman that has showed me unconditional love since day 1, and continues 💗💗

Having healthy me time is not isolating, as long as it is healthy and not monopolizing you’re time. Everything and everyone needs balance, and deserves to be happy. We all have infinite worth, we all are worthy of love without conditions, and again, we all have that choice. To return to that self induced hell and blame everyone but ourselves; or to say enough. And strive to be the best version of ourselves. You decide.

Yours truly,


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