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Calm, Cool, & Collected

I freak out all the time, but mostly because I'm not living up to expectations I set for myself. This unfair practice I put on myself almost every day gets very tiresome. I have to remind myself to chill out and that doesn't always work. Today, I might not have accomplished everything on my list, but I did find myself acting in a way that brought out a couple of good personality traits. Those traits are calmness and reassurance. It was in a situation that would've most defiantly wouldn't have shown up if I was in active addiction or not practicing mindfulness. I felt the growth as I sat and processed the situation. I could freak out, get mad, pass blame... But, I'd still be facing the same problem. So, why put myself through those horrible feelings when I don't have to. Pray, hope for the best, and realize the situation and the real options that I have for the best and most realistic outcome. That calm and reassuring attitude made me feel good about the situation and I think it showed my girlfriend that choosing how to act instead of reacting is just one of the pieces to happiness. Now, I'm off to buy her a find my keys tracker.

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