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But I'm right. Right?

Sometimes we have to admit we're wrong. My problem is not understanding that the sense of ease I feel when proven wrong is just as satisfying as being right. It really is, and maybe that happens for you too. You might often fight with a loved one and until one of you is proven to be "wrong" the tension is always going to remain.

The "Fight" is usually over when someone's declared a winner. The same thing applies here, and whether you win or lose, you're going to feel better! The constant feelings of resentment, hostility, confusion, frustration, and anger seem to disappear. Often you see people who fight become friends soon after. That happened many times with people I knew growing up.

I don't have a special trick that'll help you through this, and if you're currently in a battle with someone this probably won't even register. But the next time it comes up in your life, instead of talking about how wrong the other person is, maybe try figuring out who the winner is. You might win, lose, or it could be a draw, but at least it'll be over and you won't be holding the bag of uncomfortable emotions as long.

Corey Winfield | 217 Recovery Podcast

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