• Anna

Being Present

I was without my phone for several days and it’s absolutely crazy the dependency I, we, people have on electronics and social media. I felt lost for a bit, then realized there is so much more to do with my time in the mindless moments of scrolling that honestly seem to be filled with controversial political jargon and/or families feuding based off one liners regarding masks, COVID-19, and a handful of other topics that really need some further research before stating something read on Facebook. Regardless, I realized I didn’t blog in almost an entire week, so here I am back at it again; and quite happy to be doing so ❤️

1.) Honesty

2.) Change

3.) Self realizations

4.) Trust

5.) A sense of humor

6.) Patience

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my beautiful wife

10.) Getting uncomfortable time grow

Sometimes getting off social media and being present for a day or two is just what the doctor ordered. I know I survived to tell the tale and hope to be more vigilant to not be on my phone as much. We shall see. And if no one has told you they love you lately, I love you. Yours truly,


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