• Anna

Being Ethically Moral

Trying to please everyone results in no one being happy. I’m sitting in my training about ethics and I feel like what is being said right now is absolutely absurd. I won’t share names or even genders for privacy reasons, however, am I wrong to be blown away by individuals in recovery saying, “cops never help ever in any situation” and “Well, I don’t want to break the trust of my recoveree”. When does coddling and enabling finally get the attention it deserves, it only hinders and hurts all parties affected by the individual causing the turmoil?? I don’t normally go out of my typical format I’ve created over time, however I want to know. Are you truly helping someone or are you hurting them when it comes to allowing these behaviors to continue? I know how I feel, and yes there are different circumstances. However those quoted statements are verbatim and in my opinion appalling. I’m strongly encouraging thoughts and opinions...oh, and if no one has told you they love you today, I most certainly love you, and I most certainly will do what I believe will help save your life and prevent as much heartbreak as possible.

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