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Be Fearlessly Authentic

Updated: Jan 29

Love is an accident waiting to happen, desire is a stranger you think you know. Intimacy is a lie we tell ourselves. Truth is a game we play to win, and those who believe in love at first sight never stop looking. But once you let your guard down...love is patient, our desires are monogamous, lies aren't told, the games are over, and yes, we stop looking. Perception and intention control all things in life; every thought, feeling, fear, basically we create our own reality. The accidents I make in my life today, I pray I learn the lesson and do not continue to repeat. Strangers? They remain strangers unless we get out of our comfort zone and focus on the similarities, not always the differences. Lies are a thing of the past, one little white lie leads to another. Snow balling into a chaotic nightmare and secrets to hide. I don’t live like that anymore. Games are meant to pleasantly pass the time, and truth is what I tell, even when I know it’s not always what you want to hear or what I want to say. And last but not least, love at first sight may not be exactly as it reads. However, meeting someone and instantly knowing something is different, that deep down inside you have a burning desire to be around them, get to know more details of their life, and somehow they will be a significant person in your future? Absolutely.

1.) Patience

2.) Commitment

3.) Understanding

4.) Soft fuzzy blankets

5.) Rose gold, anything

6.) Laughing so hard, your lungs hurt and your cheeks ache from smiling

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, you are and always be my greatest accomplishment

9.) Jamie, my wife. I don’t know why this woman loves me so much, however I feel like to most fortunate woman on the planet

10.) Family; the good, the bad, and the yet to come

This month has been a challenge for me, for those of you that know me personally. However, things could always be worse. And it has been, at the brinks of hell and no return. In those days and in those moments, where I’m feeling sorry for myself or wishing I had more. I need a quick swift kick in the caboose, and trust me, I need that more than you probably believe! So love with your all, laugh without holding back, listen to truly hear, and focus on the similarities; not the differences. For you may miss out on the best friend, greatest love, or something else great. The list is endless. And, if no one has told you they love you today, I love you. Please love yourself.

Yours truly,


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