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Sharing my messy past, being authentic, and calling myself out on my own bullshit is my chosen pathway and allows others to know being vulnerable may be scary; however it is gratifying and gives you something tangible to compare to the woman I am today. Now this is NOT me saying I’ve got it all together or am something extravagantly special either; lol far from it if I’m being completely honest. I do know today my value and worth isn’t based on someone’s opinion of me, whether you think I’m pretty or not, or the amount of money I make in a year. It’s not the car I drive (or don’t drive), shoes on my feet (however I still absolutely love shoes), or the carats I’m donned in. It’s what I do when no one is looking, how I treat people (every person), and the way I speak to my wife, family, and friends. I am an open book, I don’t love all my chapters already written however am very aware they are already written and can not be changed.

1.) Acceptance

2.) Internal peace

3.) Self love

4.) Candid conversations without fear of judgement

5.) Letting go

6.) Inspiring others

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne (my favorite super hero)

9.) My wife (my second favorite 🦸‍♀️)

10.) Chosen family or as some call them; friends

Sharing painful pasts, and processing through the pain is part of healing; and should not be taken lightly. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to “get over it” or “it didn’t happen like that, you need to....”(full in the blank). You need to do what works for you, and not get over it, but work through it. Invest in yourself today, treat yourself to a good coffee, go for a walk without a decided destination (just not to the liquor store or dealers front door, or back door for that matter). And if no one has told you they love you today, you already know, and if you don’t; I love you.

Yours truly,


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