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Attitude of Gratitude

I believe that its fitting for my first blog to express how thankful I am to be in the position I find myself in today. In 2 days, it'll mark a year and a half that I haven't drank alcohol. Prior to December 3rd 2021, the thought of that accomplishment seemed mostly hopeless. It seemed like no matter what I tried it just wasn't going to happen for me. I could talk about all the rehabs and detoxes I've been through and how each program aided in my recovery, and they all did in their own way, but I think specifically the stories from fellows in recovery and the success they've had that I'd been desperately trying to achieve, are what always gave me reason to believe it was possible. I knew my reasons why I needed to get sober. I even knew that in order for me to do this thing, I was going to have to put myself first, which took long enough for me to understand on its own. But if I had no hope, no faith in the possibility that I could change, why would I go through all this pain and struggle? Luckily, over time, I saw people living in recovery happily. That alone could have been enough, but to see those people following through with goals they set for themselves, moving their lives forward in a direction that feels like the path they are supposed to be on, and having purpose for their lives, kept hope alive for my future. I've now gotten a taste for what life in recovery can be, and its a life I'm extremely lucky to have. Its worth every bit of work that has and will continue to go into it. I'm in a position to be there for my family and anyone in or out of recovery that I can help. Life is a blessing. Prayers have been answered.

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