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Thanks to the fake iPad I could lease while incarcerated at ECJ, certain select podcasts were made available, keeping me connected to the outside world. One of my favorite sports podcasts was surprisingly offered, which kept me grounded, all be it slightly. During one particular show, the host and one of his four sidekicks offered a quip about not having Dads. Like my father, there's were gone as well. The way, however, they sarcastically jabbed each other for having a dead Dad, appalled me. I was shocked at how they casually threw this seemingly delicate matter into a comical light. What a gross display of indifference I initially thought. I eventually rationalized that we all deal with grief in our own way. The fact that they spoke on the matter with such little emotion was maybe due to time passed, or just simply they got over it with humility. Meaning, they got over themselves. No need to pull the victim card, better to honor and celebrate the life lost without pandering to our incessant need for attention. Now, still listening to their show, I count myself a proud, but sometimes sad, member of the Dead Dads Club.

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