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10 things I did to change my life

Being in recovery we learn we have to change everything we have ever known. For me, this was hard at first. As I sat in jail, I thought I could hang with people using. But when I went to treatment I found that I could not hang with those people anymore. That's when I knew I had to do something different. I went to sober living to learn more about myself. In sober living, I learned the importance of meetings. I had to learn how to be humble. That made me a better father and son to my mother.

A few other things I learned was how to live with myself after dealing drugs. In doing this led me to find a higher power. Kinda like Paul in the bible. Which in turn led me to pray. Not just for myself but for others. By praying for others I slowly started to help others with their needs, not to benefit me and my needs. This made me who I am today.


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