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10 things I did to change my life

Being in recovery we learn we have to change everything we have ever known. For me, this was hard at first. As I sat in jail, I thought I could hang with people using. But when I went to treatment I found that I could not hang with those people anymore. That's when I knew I had to do something different. I went to sober living to learn more about myself. In sober living, I learned the importance of meetings. I had to learn how to be humble. That made me a better father and son to my mother.

A few other things I learned was how to live with myself after dealing drugs. In doing this led me to find a higher power. Kinda like Paul in the bible. Which in turn led me to pray. Not just for myself but for others. By praying for others I slowly started to help others with their needs, not to benefit me and my needs. This made me who I am today.


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Jeremy Durand
Jeremy Durand
Sep 01, 2023
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I like cats

Mitchell O'Brien
Mitchell O'Brien
Sep 08, 2023
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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
Aug 31, 2023
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That's great you learned things, but what did you do?

1. Changed who you hangout with

2. Started Praying

3. Accepted your past

4. Did Sober Living

5. Participated at Meetings

6. Started being Humble

7. Being a better son

8. Being present in my child's life

9. Started believing in a higher power

10. Went to inpatient treatment

I think that's the 10 things you did to change your life.

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