217 Recovery is a resource for those affected by addiction. A place for help and a place for inspiration. Without hope and inspiration recovery can seem impossible. 217 Recovery is a group of recovering addicts who promote fun in recovery. 

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217 Recovery has grown from a podcast, blog, and information resource for the recovery community to a non-emergency medical transportation company. As a 501(c)3 public charity, 217 Recovery is recognized by the IRS, and our supporters know their support is going to a great cause as we address the growing needs of the recovery community.


Transportation has always been a need and 217 Recovery is ready to launch 217 Recovery Rides. We'll provide non-emergency transportation to medical appointments, recovery meetings, and other necessary recovery-related appointments for free for those in need.


We need your support to make this happen. Funding will be used to hire Recovery Coach Drivers, secure proper auto insurance, effective technology, and dependable transportation. We're starting off in Northern Michigan and in Four years would like to be statewide. Click the button below to support us now!


They told us to dream, we're dreaming big.

Inspiring, Helpful, & Fun Podcast About Life In Recovery. The 217 Recovery Podcast started in April of 2019 by Corey Winfield,  who had just graduated from a treatment program in Northern Michigan. Corey felt his life needed purpose and helping others has always left him feeling rewarded. Having a twenty-year career as a Radio Personality, a podcast only made sense. At first, Corey was fearful of failure and that people would criticize him for being in early recovery. Corey was used to talking about his life on the radio, just not usually the painful embarrassing parts, but he got the courage to put his recovery in the spotlight, and start a podcast about life in early recovery. Sure the podcast talks about recovery, but they also talk about everyday life and how they love to laugh. Listen to Corey Winfield and Chris Goss as they share their lives and personalities with the world, on the 217 Recovery Podcast.

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