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Adam Stevens

Peer Recovery Coach

Guest - 217 Recovery Podcast

Adam's Story

My journey in recovery so far has been more difficult than I could have imagined. But at the same time, so much more rewarding than I would have dreamed.


About six years ago it became apparent to me that I had a problem with drinking. Without realizing it, I started using alcohol to numb myself from the discomfort of life.


From what I had always heard, admitting you have a problem is the hardest part so I assumed I was going to figure this out quickly. As it turned out, I had a long way to go. I could go on about the difficulties, struggles, and losses that occurred during the process but in the end, what I gained is so much greater.


Without some of the darkest moments in my life, I wouldn't be able to live in the beautiful world I live in today. I get to be here for the people I care about and at the same time, get to be in a position to help spread some of the hope that inspired me to make the changes I deserved

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- Adam

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Recovery Dads Meeting

Recovery Dads Meeting

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